Madalyn Galdámez


Coldwell Banker

676 N. Michigan Ave #3010, Chicago, IL 60611

When it comes to finding the perfect home, I am your go-to from start to finish––whether it's helping you find the right match that fits your lifestyle, obtaining referrals for a cleanup crew, moving company or arranging a spa day for when all is done. 

As a former educator and native Chicagoan born and raised in Downtown Chicago, it only seemed natural to segue into a real estate career. I absolutely love the Windy City and I’m excited to share what I know and have experienced to find the perfect match for my clients. When I’m not working, it’s this love for the city that keeps me active in going to architectural seminars, being involved in what’s happening in different neighborhoods, and yes––knowing where all the hot spots are for great dining, coffee shops and all things yummy and fun to do!

As a 1st generation American, my knack and sensitivity for understanding different cultures and customs brings the best and highest customer service to my diverse clientele. Thus, my life experience, magnetic energy and zest add more value, enhancing clients’ needs. I'm happy to be part of the the Lifestyle Team at Coldwell Banker for its stellar reputation par excellence and consistently being on top of the ever-changing real estate market. 

Let me help you find your way to a new home!